Karen Fraser to he honored

May 10th, 2018 by Ken

The Woodland Trail, which runs between Olympia and Lacey will soon get a new name.

Starting on June 2, the trail will be re-named as the Karen Fraser Woodland Trail, to honor the woman who spent 44 years of her life in public service to the community.

Karen was the first woman to serve on the Lacey Planning Commission, the first woman to serve on the Lacey City Council, and the first woman to serve as mayor of the City of Lacey.  When she retired recently, the city looked for ways to honor her for her dedication to Lacey and the community.  The idea was advanced to name a city park after her.  Lacey already has three parks named after city mayors.

But, the City of Olympia was also looking at ways of honoring her.  Working together, both Lacey and Olympia decided that naming the Woodland Trail after her was the most appropriate way of doing so.   After all, the trail runs from Lacey and ends at the State Capitol campus; where Fraser spent two decades working as a state representative and later a state senator.  Between her time as Lacey mayor and the state legislature, she also served as Thurston County Commissioner.

June 2, was selected because it’s also National Trails Day.

The dedication will be held at the HUB.  That’s where the Chehalis Western Trail and the Woodland Trail meet.  Ceremonies will start at 10 a.m.  Those wishing to do so can also help with a work party following the event to help clean and restore parts of the trail.

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