Washington continues to grow

March 30th, 2018 by Ken

Washington State is the 13th largest state in the United States (and the third largest west of the Mississippi)  and continues to grow at a rapid rate.  Last year, Washington grew by 1.69 percent giving it 7.1 million people, an increase of nearly 150,000 residents over 2016.

A significant number of those were by in-migration, primarily from California.  As the largest state in the country, California grew by less than one percent, echoing a trend that New York also follows – slow growth.

Washington’s growth put it fourth on the list of the fastest growing states.   Idaho topped the pack with a growth of more than two percent while remaining only the 39th largest state.  Nevada came in second with just under two percent growth and Utah was third with 1.8 percent.

Seattle had a growth rate of 1.71 percent while Portland grew by 1.35 percent.

The trend is clear.  Western states continue to attract people and many of those are moving to the larger cities in those states.

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