One vote makes a difference

March 29th, 2018 by Ken

When the Democrats won a special house election last year, it swung control of the entire Washington legislature to the Democrats, who with a one vote margin – proceeded to shove through their agenda of more taxes and more government rules and regulations – – often by only one vote.

They also rewarded their friends – – the public sector unions.  Most recently they gave the SEIU access to those who provide services to home-care workers.  By approving SB 6199 – the legislature went around a United States Supreme Court decision which ruled that home-care workers were not government employees and did not have to pay union dues.  The bill makes home-care workers – private employees and allows the SEIU to set up private companies with which the union can still bargain.

When you go vote – remember – it doesn’t take but one vote to give politicians the ability to reward their friends at the expense of the taxpayers.

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