Are our schools safe?

March 20th, 2018 by Ken

In 2014, Lacey voters approved a $110 million dollar bond issue for school construction. School officials said some of that money would be used to upgrade security in North Thurston schools.

To date, about $2 million has been spent for security upgrades primarily for cameras and security access.  Other costs may be included in new construction and updates to existing schools including in the new construction of Salish Middle School.  While all the schools now have cameras, only half of the elementary schools have secure locking capabilities, according to Monty Sabin, assistant superintendent for facilities at the school district.   “Six are in and the other seven have been wired for secure locks and will be in place shortly,” he said.  A secure locking system allows administrators, principals or their assistants, to immediately lock all access doors to the school.

Sabine said that all the cameras in the district schools are web-based and allow police and other law enforcement officials to access them if needed.

In addition to physical systems, all school workers have been trained in what to do in different situations.

“We’re working towards the goal of being 100 percent safe,” Sabin said.

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