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March 16th, 2018 by Ken

TCOMM911  – better known 911, is looking to replace its out-dated communications system.  911 has been around since 1978.  It provides emergency communications to fire, police and medic units around the county.  Now, the organization is looking at replacing its outdated radio system, last up-graded in 1999.  It operates on an out-modded VHF frequency which can’t be upgraded anymore.  It also operates on technology that doesn’t match up with newer systems in use in the county. The system is looking at several funding sources including going to the voters for a bond issue sometime in the near future.

Concerned about the public records act  the City of Lacey is looking at putting some restrictions on social media use by members of the Lacey City Council.  Some council members have been posting city-oriented activities on their private Facebook page thus bringing in the public records act.   Council members are being asked not to use their personal social accounts for city business.  The city is creating a Lacey Facebook page for use by council members if they feel the need to post activities that may be considered city business.

The Thurston EDC  has released its annual Thurston Economic Vitality Index which spells out how our local communities are doing in regard to  economic growth.  One aspect of the report shows that since the 2008 recession, the local gross regional product has increased 53 percent.  The county’s growth rate is exceeding 5 percent annually.  Thurston County has emerged from being a government town.  The private sector now generates 63 percent of the total countywide wages.  Contact the EDC for the complete report.

Three years ago voters in Lacey approved a $110 million dollar bond issue to improve North Thurston school facilities, including providing money to upgrade safety at our local schools.  Next week, I’m taking a tour of the schools to see how that money has been used to insure that children attending our schools are safer than before.

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