Feminist coalition alive and winning

January 5th, 2018 by Ken

If a bomb had fallen on the Lacey City Council chambers Thursday evening, the liberal feminist movement in Thurston County would have been set back five years.

Many of the major players in the movement were on hand to see the installation of one of their own to the Lacey City Council.   Carolyn Cox was taking her seat as the newest member of the Lacey council and several of the top leaders of the feminist movement were on hand to cheer her victory.

It was one of the smaller victories for the liberal feminist coalition in its 30 year history – but one with major significance to the future of many local elected officials facing the voters later this fall.

In 1986, I wrote my master thesis for the The Evergreen State College’s masters in public administration program.  It was entitled “Power and Influence in Thurston County.”  One of its major findings was the creation of a coalition made up of local feminists and male liberal community leaders.

I wrote at the time, that the coalition wasn’t active in all elections, but when it was, it was effective at getting like-minded people (mainly) women elected to local office.

We need only look at our state representatives for the 22nd district, the three women who ran Thurston County government for nearly a decade, and the current make-up of the Olympia City Commission to see its power.

One area which had escaped the coalition’s power was Lacey City government.  So, the election of Carolyn Cox was an indication that the liberal feminist coalition can reach down anywhere in the urban area of Thurston County, including the more moderate City of Lacey.

If they can win a seat in Lacey, they can win a seat anywhere in the county.   That’s why they were all gathered Thursday evening to celebrate their latest victory and what it means for the future.

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