What’s ahead in 2018

December 27th, 2017 by Ken

Democrats will continue efforts to impeach President Donald Trump this coming year, knowing that an impeachment effort fits well with their constituencies.  Trump will continue to rail against the media and rattle swords in the international arena.  This is all set in stone.

Meanwhile, the Dow Jones is at RECORD highs; unemployment is at RECORD lows; the number of people working is at RECORD highs; housing starts are at a RECORD height not seen since the beginning of the century; people have more disposable income than in the last 20 years – – and all the media can talk about is the fact that Big Business gets a tax break  that brought it down from RECORD highs in the world economy, which stifled business expansion and forced many to flee to countries with lower tax rates.

After the closure of I-5 because of the Amtrak derailment, the state will begin to pay more attention to traffic problems.   It won’t do much good, since most of the money will go to mass transit in its various forms.  Whether or not the freeway closes down completely in the future is not in my hands, but any legislator that doesn’t begin to address the issue, will face growing anger.  A three-day closure was bearable.  A week or more – – and I pity the fool.

Lacey officials will begin to take a serious look at annexation.   Pressure is mounting from several sources for the city to begin annexing areas within its Urban Growth Area. A council retreat is scheduled to address the issue.  In the meantime, the Lacey City Council has become more liberal and will continue to become more Olympia centric, particularly in the area of homeless issues.   Annexation and homelessness are matched in the minds of some.

Thurston County commissioner Bud Blake has a tough re-election battle on his hands.  His more practical view of county issues rankles the radical left community.  Blake will face a well-financed, well- supported candidate from the far left.  First termers are always in danger, but Blake faces very stiff competition.

Those are my views so far on 2018.  They probably aren’t any better than yours.


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