You must be a longtime Lacey Resident

May 23rd, 2017 by Ken

If you remember 

The Patterson Lake  Roller Rink and the skating bus.

Sledding on Judd Hill in the winter snows

Trying to sneak into the Evergreen Ballroom with fake ID

Driving off from the Lacey Drive In Theater with the speaker still attached


When the Bower Learning Center was the North Thurston High School library

When Timberland High School was first opened

Swimming at Sunrise Resort on Hicks Lake

When College Street was two lanes with parking on both sides

When Jerry Farmer sold men’s clothing at The Guardsman.

The Guard House

Ludlow Bingo

Fireworks stands on all the street corners

Pietro’s Pizza which became Kenny Rogers Roasters

Dancing at Richard’s Roundhouse

Having your first legal beer at the Melody Lane Tavern

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