May 4 storm may be as bad as Columbus Day storm

May 17th, 2017 by Ken

That’s the assessment of Lacey City Manager Scott Spence.   The May 4 storm which hit Lacey hard, may be compared to the Columbus Day Storm of 1962 although in a significantly smaller area.

In a talk before the Gateway Rotary Club Wednesday, Spence said the damage and the force of the storm, could be comparable to that major storm of more than 50 years ago.

Hardest hit was the area in Lacey comprised of Yelm Highway, Ruddell Road, College Street and Rainier Road.

Spence listed off the statistics – – for the fifteen minute period of 4:15 to 4:30 pm, rain fell at the equivalent of 13 inches an hour.  Some 46 homes were hit by falling trees, at least 75 street trees were uprooted and 56,000 people were without power, some for up to three days.  He said some experts put the wind speed at nearly 100 mph.

Spence said that early response by Puget Power allowed all roads to be opened and power restored rather quickly.   “Because the area hit was so small, PSE was able to get crews to the site as early as possible,” he said.

The city manager estimated that $1 million dollars in damage was done to houses hit by trees, and the cost to the city of street damage and overtime was near $300,000.

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