Mother Nature has the last say

May 8th, 2017 by Ken

A few days ago, I stood on my front porch and marveled at the majesty of nature’s power, and thought of the impact it has on our lives.   Streets blocked, trees down and school closed.

Nature has a way of making us seem small and insignificant.

I’ve lived in the same house in Lacey for more than 40 years.   I’ve seen everything nature can throw at us.   This year some 114 days with rain since last October.  November is known for windstorms.   One year we had winds of nearly 90 mph.

We also get snow.  The winter of 1968-69 we got six  feet on snow in one winter.   Five years ago we had 30 inches of snow in one day. Snows like that are not common – – but it appears we get some snow event about every three years.   Ice storms are also a possibility.  We’ve had so much ice one year that many trees toppled and other lost their tops.

Heat isn’t often a problem – – but it can be.   In 2009 we had five days with temperatures in the 100’s.  With no air conditioning we suffered but we learned to cope.  It’s only for a short time.

We’ve had cold also.  In the 1970’s it wasn’t uncommon to have temperatures below zero.   I think the coldest it got was nine below.

All of this has me thinking about the global climate change debate.   Can human beings really have an impact on our weather or do we just take a short term view?  The Earth’s climate changes in periods of ten thousand years – – but can make the change in just a decade.

After last week’s storm – – I marvel at human efforts to affect climate change.

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