Observations on Olympia’s riots

May 2nd, 2017 by Ken

Black-robed anarchists, carrying bats and shields, made a mess of downtown Olympia yesterday, as property-owners watched the windows of their buildings broken out and other damage to private property.

How could such an activity happen in this center of peace, love and everyone’s an important and vital part of our community – – community?

There are several possible explanations.   These are what I see.

We have three colleges in this community which attract young people.   A small minority – – all white and all male – – see an opportunity to get rid of their rage against the world – – something that most young males have.   Attracted by a community that wants to give weight to all forms of expression – – they find all protests and marches – – as the perfect vehicle to draw attention to themselves.

Then, a culture of protest under the protection of “free speech”  provides the opportunity.  Hardly a week goes by, that some group or other isn’t marching in the streets or gathered in groups – – protesting something.  That reinforces the feeling of these anarchists, that what they’re doing is an accepted form of protest.

The city also has a police force that is hamstrung by a political culture which stops law enforcement from enforcing the laws.  Anarchists know that they can get away with violence and take the opportunity to do so.

As long as its popular to protest in the streets and as long as the culture of the city stops the police from doing their job, and as long as they can get away with joining “peaceful” protest marches  – – the violence is going to continue.   It’s the accepted thing to do now.

Blame it on the culture of the community.

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