Controversy continues on council selection process

April 18th, 2017 by Ken

Controversy concerning the selection process of the Lacey City Council’s replacement for Jeff Gadman continues to echo through city hall and around the community

Brady Olson, a candidate for the appointment has sent this letter to the Lacey City Council with copies to all of the eight candidates which interview for the seat.

Live Streaming of the Interviews:

Candidates that interviewed later in the process had access to the questions before their assigned time.  For example Candidate A gave an interview at 5:30 and all other candidates that were to report later had access via phone, tablet, friend texting etc. to all the questions prior to their interview.  The later your interview the more advantage gained because of increased time to prepare.

Voting Process:

It appeared candidates were nominated in no particular order and some council members nominated multiple candidates.  Some confusion followed as Mayor Ryder asked for clarification and City Attorney gave clarification.  Mayor Ryder stated that voting would go in order of nominations.  Q: Were all council members aware that order of nomination was a factor?  Q: Since order of nomination was a clear factor as later nominations did not even get a chance to be voted upon; was there a process to determine the order of Council Member nominations.  For example 4 people had been nominated by two members before any other members even had a chance to speak or nominate a candidate.  When the voting took place all members voted as many times as they wanted.  Having multiple candidates nominated meant that order of nomination was extremely important.  According Roberts Rule “When more than one candidate is nominated the problem with a voice vote is that those nominated first are more likely to get elected.”

I believe strongly in fairness and equity and the process on April 17, 2017 was not fair or equitable.  I ask that for future appointments to the Council, consideration to the above issues be remedied.  Fairness and access for all should be paramount in any democratic process.

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