Controversy marks council appointment

April 17th, 2017 by Ken

Controversy and turmoil followed last night’s vote of the Lacey City Council to select a replacement for Jeff Gadman on the Lacey City Council.

Selected was Rachel Young, young mother of three and owner of Miss Moffett’s Mystical Cupcakes.

The controversy came when one councilmember voted twice and was assured that his vote was valid under city ordinances.

Ten candidates made their case for appointment.   When all was completed the council discussed the merits of each candidate and accepted nominations.  Voting for each candidate followed in order of nomination.   Ken Balsley received three votes   A second candidate received two votes and then Young received four votes, including one from Jason Hearn who had already voted for Balsley.

Mayor Andy Ryder  ruled the vote was over and Rachel Young was selected with four votes, the others coming from Michael Steadman, Cynthia Pratt and Ryder.

Those in the audience, supporting other candidates questioned the voting procedure and the fact that one councilmember voted twice.   Ryder assured the group that council rules allowed such a vote.

Outside, after the meeting, few questioned the selection of Young, but all questioned the process the council went through to make such a decision.

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