The Big evils play the deadly poker game

April 13th, 2017 by Ken

There’s no doubt that our form of government, right here in the United States, is the best form of government ever devised – – although some Millenniums aren’t so sure anymore.   But, it is through our legislative process that the best interests of you and I – – the general public – – is served.

However, we have some evils in our country.   Actually we have five evils – and they all have the same first name.   They are – – Big Government, Big Business, Big Labor, Big Religion and Big Media.

Those five evils are in constant battle for dominance in our country.   As long as the five evils fight each other then we have a period of relative calm.  But, when one or more is in the ascendancy then our country in in trouble.

Because, those Big Five evils are constantly at war with one another.  They sometimes gang up on one or the other, and sometimes they work together, but as long as they are all on an equal footing, then this country runs relatively smooth.   But, when one or two gain dominance, then we have a problem.

During the  founding of our country and into the 20th Century it  was Big Business and Big Religion who were dominate.   Big Labor peaked in the 40’s and 50’s then rose again at the beginning of the 21st Century with its control of one of the political parties.  During the turbulent 60’s and 70’s it was Big Government and Big Media squaring off against each other.   Right now Big Media is on the decline.   Big Religion has reared its head off and on for the last 200 years, as citizens began to question the moral fiber of our country.

The Big Five evils are like players at a poker game.  One gains and loses chips as the game progresses.   One changes his method of play and rises back up, while the other players adapt to the new concept.   As one has more chips it becomes  more aggressive – until it over-reaches and loses a big pot.   The it becomes more cautious and melds into the background, waiting again for the right cards.

As citizens, as taxpayers, it’s our responsibility to see that the Big Five have an even amount of chips.   We do that through our support for one or the other by giving them more chips  Our votes are our chips.

That’s our responsibility as citizens of this Democracy to make certain that all five players stay at the table with a somewhat even amount of chips.   As long as they are locked in this deadly game of power, all’s right with this country.

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