Olympia may move waste hauling facility to Lacey

April 3rd, 2017 by Ken

Will Lacey become the site of the City of Olympia’s new Waste Management Operations Center?

This week, Olympia is meeting with Thurston County officials for a pre-submission conference on developing eight and a half  acres of land on Carpenter Road into the new facility to house its 18 garbage trucks and other waste hauling equipment.  So, why deal with the county when the property is on Carpenter Road – – because the property is not in Lacey, but in the county?

The property is in Lacey’s Urban Growth Area and will eventually be in the City of Lacey, but right now its City of Olympia owned property in Thurston County.   The land in question is the old City of Olympia shooting range right off Martin Way on Carpenter.  It has been owned by the Olympia for decades.  Shooting at the range was phased out about two years ago.

The City of Olympia’s proposal is to build in two phases.  Phase One will include offices, covered parking, a fueling station for the city’s 18 garbage trucks and other fleet vehicles.   Also in Phase One will be a repair area, wash station and maintenance shop.   Phase Two will consist of a tipping wall, collection bins and containers for waste.

City of Lacey Public Works Director Scott Egger said the city has no concerns about Olympia’s proposed project.  Lacey is providing water to the site.

While Lacey has no current plans to annex the property in the near future, the property will eventually become part of Lacey.


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