Intercity Transit to replace its undergound fuel tanks

March 20th, 2017 by Ken

This week, Intercity Transit will open bids to replace its underground fuel tanks and install new ones.  Money available for the project is around $8 million dollars.

The project is part of a larger plan to rehabilitate and expand the Pattison Street Operations.   The project was originally suppose to start in 2011, but federal grants were cut back and replacement of the tanks was put on hold.

The current tanks are single-walled and don’t comply with industry standards.   The transit’s insurance company was concerned about leaking tanks and worried that the insurance plan wouldn’t be renewed.  Recently, Intercity Transit received $3 million in grant money and found $5 million in local dollars to replace the tanks.

The City of Olympia is reviewing the permit application.   If bids come in on target and if the weather cooperates, the project could be completed by the end of summer this year.

Currently there are six undergound single walled storage tanks, which hold 80,000 gallons of diesel and 12,000 gallons of unleaded.   The six new tanks will meet industry standards and will hold 100,000 gallons of diesel and 24,000 gallons of unleaded.  Intercity transit uses about 710,000 gallons of diesel each year and nearly 74,000 gallons of unleaded fuel.  (You figure out the annual cost.)

The old tanks will be drained and filled in place.  The new tanks will be constructed north of the existing facility.

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