Lacey council vacancy draws attention

March 17th, 2017 by Ken

As many as five possible candidates for the Lacey City Council’s vacant position were on hand last night while the council wrestled with how to select someone to fill that vacancy.

Some argued for a longer period of time so as to gather the most applicants – while others argued that the position needed to be filled to help the council move forward with its work.   In the end, the council determined to begin seeking applicants on March 20 with the deadline for filing set for April 7.   The council will interview all applicants on April 17, then vote in public on who their selection will be.

The only qualifications require the applicant must have lived in Lacey for a year, and that he or she must be a registered voter.  The candidate must also agree to seek election to the seat in November.

I have been a declared candidate for several weeks.   My political views and personal bio can be accessed at


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