Most respected individuals in Thurston County

March 13th, 2017 by Ken

Recently I asked my several hundred Facebook friends for nominations of individuals in Thurston County, whom they thought were highly respected and regarded.   I had more than a 150 names of people submitted by my friends.

Before I list anyone, bear in mind that these are names submitted by my friends on Facebook.   It is not all encompassing at all and bears a Lacey tilt.   Many of the names on the list are familiar to everyone, and others are a little more obscure.   In some cases, I didn’t know who they were.   But, that didn’t mean that their nomination wasn’t warranted.   If just one person thinks they should have been nominated, that means something.

I’m going to release the names of those with the most nominations.  I won’t give a complete list.  Sometime in the future, when I have the time and some help, I may do more with those named.   Here are the names of those suggested most.

Topping the list was Karen Fraser, but not far behind was Virgil Clarkson.  On the most nominated list were Dick Pust, John Snaza, John Setterstrom, Kim Wyman, Sam Reed,  Dusty Pierpoint, Denny Heck, Ken Parsons, Gary Edwards, Greg Cuoio, Dave Spangler, Ralph Munro, Gerry Alexander, Chris Reykdal, Bill McGregor, Dick Nichols, Jan Teague, Priscilla Terry, Graeme Sackrison, Ron Rants, Judi Hoefling, Sandra Romero and Dave Schaffert.

From that list of top nominees, you can tell several things.   Many of my Facebook friends are politically oriented.  Timing also plays a role.  Who was in the news when the survey was taken. People with higher profiles are apt to be named more often.

There are nearly a hundred other names that were suggested and all of them deserve some recognition.   Unfortunately, it won’t be here on this posting.

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