Embrace Daylight Saving Time

March 12th, 2017 by Ken

Of all the activities associated with our calendar, one of those that I look forward to each year is the return of Daylight Saving Time.  it signals to me the beginning of Spring, but it also does some else as well.    It gives me a release of energy associated with daylight.

In the Northwest, we face weeks and weeks each year of darkness, brought on by the latitude in which we reside.   But, also by the clouds that filter what daylight we do have into a shadow-less gray haze.

Daylight Saving Time may not bring us more sunshine, but it does give us the opportunity to enjoy the daylight longer into the evening.   I particularly love the summer months, when daylight lingers until bedtime.

While some may want Daylight Saving Time to end – – I want it year round.   Embrace it and enjoy the extra light at the end of a long day.

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