Who’s in power now?

January 24th, 2017 by Ken

With a new regime in power in Washington DC, I find it appropriate to review my philosophy of government.   You can read the entire concept by clicking on the “About” button above.   But, here it is in an abbreviated form.

Our country runs best when the Big Five have equal power.   Those Big Five are Big Government, Big Business, Big Labor, Big Religion and Big Media.   They balance each other out but when one or the other comes to dominance then the country is out of sync.  Lets review where we currently stand.

For the past eight years we have been dominated by Big Government which inserted itself into every aspect our life. With the election of Donald Trump we still aren’t certain if Big Government is on its way out.   We do know that Big Business is on the ascendancy.   Big Business had been losing ground to Big Government since the 2009 recession, but now, with Trump’s appointments to the various federal agencies, there’s no doubt that Big Business is now the top dog.  Whether or not it reins in Big Government – or joins with it – is yet to be seen.

For the most part Big Religion has been shunted aside.  While Trump speaks in religious tones, there’s no indication that he is truly religious.

Big Labor has had its supporters under President Barack Obama, particularly in the education field, where Big Labor controls the Democratic Party.   But its support of Hillary Clinton, and the loss, puts Big Labor as odd man out.  Some rank and file union members bolted the Democratic Party and supported Trump.  Big Labor now has to decide if jobs in the old coal mines and oil fields is something it wants to support, or will it confine its membership to government workers.   It’s a big problem for Big Labor.

The biggest loser in the presidential race was Big Media.  It’s objectivity has been called into question and the uncontrolled social media turned out millions of Trump supports and millions of those opposed.   Big Media must do something to regain the trust of the American public or it will soon be destined for the ash heap of history, along with the telegraph and the Pony Express.

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