A typical politician after all

January 17th, 2017 by Ken

Ninth District Congressman Adam Smith has decided to skip the inaugural of Donald Trump, joining with more than 40 other Democrats who have made the same decision.

But, Smith’s decision is surprising to me.  For years he represented the Lacey area in Congress before his district was changed when the 10th district was created.

Smith has always been business friendly and a more moderate member of the left-leaning Washington State Democratic Party.  Why he decided to join with the Bernie Sanders socialists and boycott the inaugural had to be a pure political move on his part.

Rather than represent ALL of the voters in his district, he has chosen to pander to those who make the most noise – – and seem to hold the power to get him re-elected.

I always thought Smith was better than that.  Guess he’s just a typical politician after all.

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