Local water use declines

January 9th, 2017 by Ken

The average household in Thurston county uses 30 percent less water now than it did four decades ago.

According to LOTT – when it first started keeping track of water usage in 1977, the average family used 900 cubic feet of water a day.   Now, the rate is about 600 cubic feet per day.

Several factors play a role.  Low flow toilets, showers and washing machines have an impact.   Restrictive lawn watering and car washing also help reduce water usage.   Better understanding of the problem on the part of the consumer is a significant factor.

Government officials haven’t said that higher cost of water on the part of the consumer plays any role.   The average household in Lacey pays about $30 a month for water and and an additional $60 for sewer and other related expenses.

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