Lacey Council talks sports

January 6th, 2017 by Ken

Is a Sports Commission in Lacey’s future?   That’s what the Lacey City Council talked about at its Thursday evening work session and the idea gained some supporters.

A Sports Commission is organized for the purpose of bringing sporting events to a community, promoting those events and working with local organizations to make those sporting events successful.

The idea of a Sports Commission began to circulate about a year ago when the Visitor and Convention Bureau released a plan that called for emphasing Olympia in its promotional campaign.   That raised the ire of Lacey officials who touted the large number of sporting organizations which use the city’s Regional Athletic Complex  (RAC) as well as St. Martin’s University’s facilities.

Mayor Andy Ryder in conversation with several Lacey supporters, raised the idea of the creation of a Sports Commission.   He took the idea to the Lacey South Sound Chamber of Commerce, which began looking into the concept.   That move garned a rebuke last night  from Lacey Councilmember Lenny Greenstein who informed the mayor that he should have run the idea before the entire city council before talking with the chamber.

In its discussion, there was almost unanimous support of the city council to pursue the idea a little further.   Only Deputy Mayor Cynthia Pratt expressed any reservations, stating that she wasn’t a sports fan.

Mayor Ryder said that the hotels and motels in the community support the idea because sporting events bring in large numbers of fans, who stay for several days and spend money.  Activities at the RAC currently help fill the rooms.

Lacey City Manager Scott Spence emphasized that a Sports Commission was in the “embryotic” state and the city had a long way to go before making a decision.

Complicating matters is Troy Kirby, a sports marketing and manager who has been making the rounds recently to promote his idea of a Sports Commisson.  Kirby wants a countywide Sports Commission, but was encourging the City of Lacey to proceed with its planning.

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