Stop making the penny

December 27th, 2016 by Ken

The United States Mint announced this week that it costs a penny and a half to make each penny.   For every new penny it makes it loses half a cent.

Well – stop making the penny.   That’s the simple answer.

Don’t do away with the penny as a medium of exchange like Canada did.   No, keep the penny and all of the price tags with $6.98 and $6;99.   Just stop making more pennies.

There are billions and billions of pennies sitting in cans, jars and piggy banks around the United States.  If you stop making pennies, then those pennies in closets and back rooms will be brought out and placed back into circulation.

Just try it for a year or two and see if those hoarded pennies don’t start to reappear.   I have more than 40 pounds of pennies in my back bedroom closet.  I’ll bring them out when you stop making new pennies.

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