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November 16th, 2016 by Ken

By Dale Cooper

HE’S NOT MY PRESIDENT – These chants about president-elect Trump echo today in concrete canyons of big Democrat-blue US cities.   The protestors are anti-democracy teens suffering from uncontrollable flash-mob fueled temper tantrums.  They’re aided and abetted by ideologically motivated young adults who, along with those they lead, haven’t a clue as to where any of them are headed.  So they just roam the big city streets in circular fashion like night crawlers on shiny black asphalt.   Naturally the teen protestors receive the blessings of their teachers, who must be teaching an unusual version of civics about the peaceful transfer of power we’re always prided ourselves on.

SANCTUARY CITIES – The Democrat-blue big city programs that shield undocumented immigrants from federal scrutiny will be off-limits to the president-elect, according to many of their top elected officials who openly and rhetorically engage in rhetorical rebellion against him before he even sits down in the Oval Office.   Like a chorus of ornery mules they bray about how they’ll defy the federal government if it exercises its constitutional authority over immigation to their dislike – – or for that matter any restrictions in the flow of money from those very feds.

THE ELECTORIAL COLLEGE – If anything, the speeches by the elected leaders of the Democrat-blue big cities and the behavior of the it’s teenaged inhabitants irrefutably demonstrate our imperative need to preserve our Electorial College.  Without it we citizens of small cities, towns and farms would be subject to the brand of mob rule we’re witnessing today in those defiant Democrat-blue big cities.

IF YOU VOTED FOR DONALD TRUMP YOU’RE A RACIST OR SOMETHING REPREHENSIBLE-PHOBE –  This contention is, on its face, full of holes.   For, according to its own internal logic, those who voted for Hillary Clinton then  are corrupt, war-mongering, congenital liars.

THE DARK AGES – I heard an aggrieved Mexican immigrant interviewed on radio today proclaim that she’ll fight with all her being against the coming administrations agenda, one that, though yet nascent and unnounced, would surely throw us back into the “dark ages”.   I wonder if she was attracted to, and immigrated to the US during one of those dreadful “dark ages”.  If so, I have to wonder – – are we getting into or out of those “dark years.”

KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON  -As always, good advice.

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