Did your vote count?

November 12th, 2016 by Ken

That may be a silly question.   Did your vote count?   But, here in Thurston County, more than 4000 people who cast a write-in vote for president, didn’t have that vote counted.

According to Thurston County Auditor Mary Hall,  federal and state law specify that write-in votes aren’t counted, unless they would impact the outcome of the race.  Of the nearly 120,000 votes cast for president in Thurston County, about 3.5 percent were write-in votes.  That would not impact the final outcome, and the write-in votes weren’t tallied.  Hall is quick to point out, that those write-in ballots were counted for all the other races and positions.

Write-in votes were also cast for candidates in other races as well.  There were 500 write-in votes for Senator, 400 for Governor and 1,800 for State Treasurer, where two Republicans were on the ballot. (We can assume then, that there are 1800 rock ribbed Democrats in Thurston County who would vote for a Yellow Dog, if it was on the ballot.)   In that State Treasurer’s race, some 21,000 voters in Thurston County didn’t vote in that contest.  (That implies that 21,000 voters prefer no one over a Republican.  That also gives us the idea than any person running for political office in Thurston County has a 20,000 vote advantage if they run as a Democrat.)

As far as the write-in ballots, Hall will keep them for 22 months before destroying them.

We’ll never know how many votes Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or None of the Above received.



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