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October 27th, 2016 by Ken

President Barack Obama, with his presidental legacy rapidly declining behind him, has determined to booster his political standing by traveling around the country and stumping for Democrats.   We’ve seen the Jay Inslee ads running on television.   They were unexpected.  Presidents usually stick to national races like US Senate and Congress.  But, here, he’s spouting good words about our governor, acting as if he actually knows who he is.   Then, to top it off, our local press has indicated he is even reaching down the legislative ranks to support Democrats running against Republican opposition in the state legislature.   That’s a real come down for a president of the United States.   He really must be desperate to boost his historical standing.

Locally, the hit pieces just keep on coming.   Thurston County Democrats, with funding from JZ Knight, have sent out hit pieces on both Gary Alexander and John Hutchings accusing them of almost every crime in the books.   While Glen Morgan, a local private property rights activist, has help organize robocalls passing on rumors about Jim Cooper when he headed the local Together organization.

Are these political hit pieces unusual in Thurston County.   The answer is NO.  We’ve seen hit pieces before.    When Ken Donohue was rjunning as a Democrat for the State Legislature, Wanted Posters appeared overnight all around the county accusing him of not being a Democrat.

What’s unusual this time around, is the amount of money one individual is spending to influence the county commission races.

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