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October 14th, 2016 by Ken

A number of State Initiatives will be the ballot this election year.   My advice to you is to vote NO on all of them.

Initiative 1433 would raise the state’s minimum wage to $13.50 an hour making it the highest state minimum wage in the nation.   It would also require businesses to offer heath care to all employees.   This measure is a significant burden on small business.

Initiative 1464 would give every registered voter in the state $150 which can be given to any candidate of their choice.   Money is raised by taking it from small businesses along the state’s borders, which rely on out-of-state shoppers.   Another blow to small business.

Initiative 1491 is a little more tricky.   It allows the government to take away guns from people whose partners deem them to be suicidal.  A court order must be obtained.  The problem is the definition of partner.  Just who can ask for a court order.   It also puts another another hole in the Second Amendment.

Initiative 1501 is a union-backed and paid for initiative to get around the State’s Public Records Act.  It makes it more difficult for citizens to get the names of any government unionized worker.

Initiative 732 puts a tax on all carbon emissions.   It also eliminates some taxes as a trade off, making the measure “revenue neutral.”   The carbon tax is forever.   The taxes eliminated will soon be reinstated.

Initiative 735 is an effort to overturn the United States Supreme Court ruling on rights of corporations.   It is advisory only.

Most of these measures are far more complicated than I have laid out.  Please read the full descriptions – – and then vote No on all of them.

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