A view on the presidential debate

October 5th, 2016 by Ken

By Dale Cooper

It’s more than a week after the first presidential debate of 2016.   The rhetoric of the candidates has already faded into meaningless babble.   I can remember nothing of substance from the tussle.   I can only remember how it made me feel.

I remember feeling how painful it was to watch the bombastic, egotistic Donald Trump bob, weave, protest and pontificate.   I felt as if I were watching Atilla the Hun on stage behind a podium.

I remember feeling that if anyone could, he’s the guy who could stand up to the NYC/DC political class that for decades has told the nation what news was “fit to print” and what wasn’t.   I remember thinking “This guy will surely turn the PC culture that gives the radical left a license to personally threaten, bully and ostracize those with whom it disagrees – on its head.”

I remember feeling that this larger than life, often insightfjul American original would certainly shake up the things that need some serious shaking.   i remember thinking that this guy’s a fighter.

I also remember how my skin crawled when I heard the shrill voice of Hillary Clinton, history’s most ambitious wife since Lady Macbeth.  I remember thinking how well prepared she was and how smug she looked.

I remember how she had a plan for virtually all current and future problems – – but you’d have to go to her websites for specifics.   And, I remember thinking I’d heard all of her words before, remixed and repeated by candidates since time immemorial.

But then I started contemplating how each of them would deal with our increasingly dangerous world – – one that’s getting more dangerous with each passing day.   I remembered how Europe’s monetary system was teetering on the edge of a precipice; how millions of refuges are fleeing the Levant; how ISIS barbarians are imposing a reign of terror across the Middle East; how Russians are reviving their global ambitions; how the Chinese are flexing powerful military muscles; how dictators and loons are stockpiling nuclear weapons; how the international shipping business has gone bankrupt; and how banks and mega-businessess are mutating into supra-national global concerns loyal to no one but themselves.

It’s a dangerous world out there, and it’s beyond our control.   But, it’s a world we must deal with – – which is to say either Atilla the Hun or Lady Macbeth will have to deal with.   He – or she – must stand up to psychopathic dictators, ruthless terrorists, heartless bankers – – well the list goes on.

So, less than a month from now we’ll have to choose.

For me, I’ll choose Atila the Hun who will face down those troublemakers.   No matter how shrewd or clever she may be, none of those bigwigs, tyrants or troublemakers will back down from Lady Macbeth – – ever.

(Editors note:  Dale  Cooper is a pseudonym for a local who has political ties.)

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