This is a dangerous world

September 28th, 2016 by Ken

As I watched televison news recently, I was astounded at the large number of murders, accidents, and deaths which led the newscasts.   I shouldn’t have been.  Blood and guts has always been the top news story of the day.  It’s the way news gets listeners and readers.

So, it got me to thinking.   How dangerous is our world?   I know that some 40,000 people are killed each year in automobile accidents.   I know that’s a concern.   But how dangerous is everything else?

After doing some research I came up with some observations.   Teddy Bears are more dangerous than Grizzly Bears.  During the last 90 years, some 82 people have been killed by Grizzly Bears.   That’s less than one a year.   But, last year alone, 22 people were killed by their Teddy Bears.They die from choking on the eyes or strangling by the belt – particularly young children.   Older people die by tripping on the Teddy Bears and falling.   Teddy Bears are more dangerous than Grizzly Bears.

Some two million people – mostly women – are admitted to the hospital each year from falling off their high heels.  Some trip over Teddy Bears and other objects, but 400,000 a year fall off their heels.

Each year, 7000 Americans are hurt by their dishwasher. Many of those injuries are burns from opening a hot washer.  Some are cuts from sharp knives.   A few from tripping over the dishwasher drawer.

Your not safte at work either.  The average desk top at work is dirtier than the toliet seat at home.   The average desk has 21,000 bacteria per square inch.   The average toliet seat has only 50.  It’s not much safer at church.  A recent study found that the holy water in churchs contains coliform, straphylococcis, yeast and mold.

I just point all this out to tell you the world is a dangerous place.  Just being alive and living is dangerous.

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