Is it time to kick off the covers?

September 26th, 2016 by Ken

There’s a blanket decending over this country.   It’s a blanket of “progressive” ideas which warms and conforts some, and is hot and stiffling to others.

In the last decade, citizens of this country have been burdened or uplifted by these ideas.  These include – – legalization of marijuana, gay marriage, living wage, predictive scheduling, micro-aggression, hurtful speech, anti-police riots,  and dozens of other social and government actions which seem to have decended upon the public all within the last decade.

If you’ve ever slept in the same bed with another person then you’ll understand that not everyone has the same temperature.  Some, need an extra blanket to find the right level of comfort.   Others need fewer covers and even have to kick one off sometimes to feel right.

We all sleep in the same bed, but yet we’re all being covered by the same “progessive” blanket decending upon us.

I reached my level of discomfort with these new “progessive” ideas last week at the Tacoma Group Health facility.  I went to buy a Coke at the snack bar and couldn’t.   Since the beginning of the year, all they could serve were”Diet” sodas.   Even the vending machine was stocked with only “Diet” sodas.  Some “progressive” had determined that regular sugar soda was bad and that “Diet” soda was better.  I absolutely hate “Diet” soda.   The taste is bitter and lingers long on the tounge.   But someone had determined that sugar makes people fat and must be removed from the building – – depite the fact that artifical sweeteners have been getting a reputation as a possible source of cancer.

Isn’t it time to kick off the covers of “progressive”  ideas.   They’re starting to get idiotic.   Oh wait – I can’t use that word –  – it might offend someone.

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