State income tax has local angle

September 13th, 2016 by Ken

An Income Tax on the ballot in the City of Olympia has supporters in Seattle rubbing their hands with glee.   They’ve found a Judas Goat and it’s right here in Thurston County.

It doesn’t matter to them whether or not the income tax is approved by Olympia voters.   In some ways, they want it to fail, so they can appeal it all the way to the Washington State Supreme Court, where their lackeys on the state’s highest bench will give it their seal of approval.   Then a statewide income tax will be the third leg of the state taxing stool.

The key for them is to get it on the ballot.  If it doesn’t get before the people for a vote, then the Seattle backers will lose their effort and won’t be able to run the table to the marble halls of the state court.    As of this writing, that battle continues.

There’s a sideline, a local angle to the tax issue.   If it gets on the ballot, the people who live in Thurston County will actually get an opportunity to find out in which city they live.   Many people east of Lacey have Olympia mailing addresses.    That’s because, at one time, all the mail in Thurston County came out of the Olympia post office.  Those residents actually get their mail out of the Lacey postal facility but continue to think they live in Olympia.    If they don’t get a chance to vote on an income tax, they may realize they don’t live in Olympia.   That’s only a small benefit.

The key is to stop the measure from reaching the ballot and that doesn’t appear likely at this time.  The appeal process will take sometime and we won’t have a state ncome tax for several years yet, but under the current political conditions – –  it will eventually happen.

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