Commission candidates in agreement

September 7th, 2016 by Ken

The four candidates for Thurston County Commissioner appeared before some 150 local business leaders at the Lacey South Sound Chamber of Commerce forum today.   And while they didn’t agree on everything, they were unanimous in seeking a change in county government.

Gary Edwards, Kelsey Hules, Jim Cooper and John Hutchings answered questions on a number of subjects and for the most part were in agreement, although how to reach a solution on the various problems separated them.   But on one question they were all in agreement.

The Thurston County Commission should expand to five members, but that such a change must be approved by the voters.  Over the years, several efforts to change the county government form fell by the wayside.   And, while the candidates were all in agreement that the number of commissioners should be increased, they differed on when, how and the cost.   They did agree that any changes had to be approved by a vote of the people.

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