Port should change its name

September 6th, 2016 by Ken

The Port of Olympia is tied so closely to the City of Olympia in the minds of most county residents, that they don’t understand that the port is a countywide organization that represents ALL of the people of Thurston County – – not just a handful of downtown Olympia residents.

Complaints about possible military shipments into the South Sound port are coming from a small minority of residents representing two sets of residents – – liberal Olympia Democrats and – students and faculty at The Evergreen State College.

You will find almost overwhelming support for military shipments at the port from residents of Lacey, where about 40 percent of residents have some connection to the military – – and from those who live in the south part of Thurston County, where support for the military is also strong.

Part of the problem with the port does center around its name.   As long as Olympia residents think the port belongs to them, and as long as residents elsewhere also think the same – – then the port will be hard pressed to gain support of just about any thing it wants to do – – except build a children’s museum.

The time has come for the Port of Olympia to begin seriously considering a name change.   I suggest the the Port of South Puget Sound.   I’m sure you can get other suggestions.

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