Lacey history – this week 1966

July 12th, 2016 by Ken

Sears opened its new store in South Sound Center three months before the full mall opened for business.  It was the first major retailer to recognize the future of shopping.

For several decades, Sears had been located in downtown Olympia, along with many other major retailers such as Penney’s and Montgomery Wards. Its decision to move to Lacey drove the first nail in the coffin of downtown Olympia business.   Penney’s was to follow a decade a half  later when the new Capital Mall opened on Olympia’s Westside.

Capitol Development the developers of South Sound Center under its president Bob Blume, had landed Sears as its major retail anchor after hard bargaining.   He was forced to give Sears the property on which it and the store’s parking lot sat.   Sears continues to own the property to this day.




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