Keeping the spirit alive

June 29th, 2016 by Ken

As we near the Fourth of July holiday period it feels good to know that at least one community in our area is keeping the Fourth of July spirit alive.   Thanks goodness that Tumwater still allows private use of fireworks, as our founders intended.   Of course, Tumwater is America’s First Community in Washington state.

The Tumwater Fourth of July parade and fireworks has become a community icon and thousands of Tumwater residents, as well as those from other cities, gather to celebrate American Independence.

Thanks go as well to those on the Thurston County Commission who also allowed county residents to continue to celebrate the holiday in their own way.   Restrictions during a major drought makes for a good compromise, although I would have preferred their be no restrictions other than that set by the federal government.

When it comes to the Fourth of July celebration, the cities of Lacey and Olympia have opted to control all private use of  fireworks under the guise of protecting the public welfare.   Those who have lost the spirit can always find an excuse to deprive the rest of us of our patriotism.

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