Now it can be told – women make more money than men

June 21st, 2016 by Ken

There may have been a time in our history when men were the bread winners and women stayed home and took care of the house and the kids.   There may have been a time in our history when women made less money than men doing the same job.  There may have been a time in our past when pay scales favored men over women.

But no more.   Now it can be told.  Women make more money than men.   I said it – and the US Census Bureau confirms it.

Of course – it only holds true for a portion of women.  Young single women aged 20 to 35 – make more money than men of the same age and marital status.   Young women make eight percent more in salaries then do men.

And, up and down the age scale, 25 percent of all married women make more money than their husbands.

It’s true.  The National Organization of Women and other women groups can scream and holler about pay inequities – but it’s not true.  Women, doing the same job as men make the same money that men do, and in 25 percent of the cases, they make more.

Why has this become fact?  Why are women making more money than men?  And, what does the future hold?

Men’s jobs have disappeared.  Manufacturing jobs, those good paying labor intensive jobs that used to be held by men have disappeared.   Many of them have gone overseas.   Jobs that men traditionally held, that required hard labor,  have just – – disappeared.

Construction jobs that were primarily held by men are cyclical.   Sometimes they have work and sometimes they don’t.  When they do have jobs, affirmative action requires that women be hired alongside men for those jobs.

But, the factor that comes into play and is the primary reason women make more money than men has to do with education.   Women are getting college degrees in greater numbers than men.

In high school, 80 percent of all drop outs are boys.  Girls tend to stay in school.   On average, girls get better grades in school than do boys and girls go on to higher education in far greater numbers than their male counterpart.

Across the country, women make up 60 percent of all college students and in some occupations – – law and medicine – – they are attending in ever greater numbers.   With education comes better jobs and with better jobs come better pay.

The trend is likely to continue.  We’re currently in a social shift where women make more money than the man.  In the past, it was the woman who married up the economic scale.   Now, women are being forced to marry down.

It’s going to create major problems for men as we are currently seeing in the the millennial generation.  Where women are not only holding their own against the men in pay, but are often making more money.

The older generation of women can continue to cry about wage disparity – but the young women see no problem.

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