Lacey history this week – 2000

May 9th, 2016 by Ken

Nancy the Kite Girl, which had been welcoming visitors to the city from her ground level location on Pacific Avenue,  will be moved to a higher perch from which to fly her welcoming kite.  Some drivers had complained that having her on the ground looked too much like a real person, causing them to brake suddenly.   Nancy will be placed on a two-foot high pedestal and  be well lighted to avoid any confusion with a real girl.   The city is also considering where to place her brother, Jimmy the Kite Boy.  Several locations are under consideration including on College near Lacey City Hall or on Sleater Kinney near Fred Meyer.

In other news, local developers have plans to reshape Lacey Village shopping center which will include a new Walgreens.   They also plan to build a clock tower on the corner of College and Lacey Boulevard in keeping with the city’s new clock tower theme.

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