Lacey history – this week 1969

May 2nd, 2016 by Ken

Some 300 people attended a forum at the Capital Pavilion over a ballot measure to annex Lacey into Olympia. Most of those in attendance were Lacey residents although many Olympia officials were in attendance. The broadcast aired live over KGY Radio. Speaking in favor of annexing Lacey into Olympia was Lacey City Councilman Tom Adams Jr. Speaking in opposition to the annexation was Lacey Councilman Tom Buckingham and attorney Ken Ahlf.

In other news the Thurston-Mason County Health Department issued a report that showed Lacey had a major sewage problem and needed to do something quickly. The City of Lacey is looking at hooking up to the Olympia sewage plant, or building its own smaller plant on Woodland Creek. The cost of both projects is estimated to be $6.4 million.

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