School district employees wrong to oppose name change

April 24th, 2016 by Ken

Word has it that some teachers and employees of North Thurston Public Schools are opposed to a name change for the district. Some have even threatened not to vote for any school levies in the future. Their biggest complaint is the cost involved in the change.

While the exact costs of the change are not known yet – – its estimated that the cost to change the district’s name will cost less than hiring one new teacher.

Some are opposed to the name Lacey School District – touting the initials LSD. The school board will make the final decision as to what the new name will be. They are very much aware of the initials. And, they have not yet decided on the final name.

The name North Thurston served the district well, when Lacey had 6000 residents. Lacey has nearly 50,000 residents and the city’s urban growth area contains another 40,000, all of whom will eventually be annexed into the city. That’s the law.

The future of the school district rests with the residents of the City of Lacey. Continual support for school activities will depend on whether or not the city residents feel the district represents them.

Whether the school district changes its name now – – or in 20 years. It will ultimately change its name to reflect its community.

We know that school employees will not vote against the school levies. That’s just emotion talking. Those who work for the district need to get the full information before making a decision like that.

And, North Thurston High School’s name will never be changed. it reflects the district’s past and will stay as a symbol of the district’s history.

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