Bicycles don’t belong on city streets

April 21st, 2016 by Ken

A proposal to add bicycle lanes to College Street is one of the most asinine ideas yet advanced in the war between automobiles and bicycles.

That’s what it is – – a war. Automobiles and bicycles are mortal enemies. They fight for space, they fight for advantage and they fight for ideas. Anytime a bicycle and an automobile collide, the bicycle is always the loser – – even if he is in the right.

A 2000 pound car and a 200 pound bicycle don’t belong in the same weight category and they don’t belong in the same ring. They also don’t belong on the same streets.

I favor building more bike lanes – but as far away from automobiles as practical.

College Street is the City of Lacey’s busiest street with cars numbering in the tens of thousands. Just that sheer number of cars assures us that a bike and a car will collide – – and the bicycle rider will end up in the hospital – – if he’s lucky.

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