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April 5th, 2016 by Ken

Construction of a bicycle tunnel under Sleater Kinney will begin shortly.   This week the Lacey City Council awarded a bid of $1.4 million to Glacier Construction Company of Sumner to begin the job.    The company will dig an open trench and put a lid over it.   Not a very difficult construction project.

The 120-foot long tunnel is the first of its kind in the state and will allow employees of the Department of Ecology to ride their bicycles to work unimpeded from Olympia to their St. Martin’s headquarters.

In other news this week, Olympia mayor Stan Biles took a tour of the Lacey Museum and other historical sites in the city.   Unaware that Lacey even had a museum, the mayor said he was impressed with the way the city honored those who have made a major contribution to the community and bemoaned the fact that Olympia didn’t have its own museum.   With everything he saw, the mayor said, he thinks Lacey would make a fine addition to the City of Olympia.

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