Americans are angry right here

March 9th, 2016 by Ken

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have both tapped into an angry American public.   They’re angry at the establishment – – whatever they perceive that to be.   They’re angry at big government, at big business, at big media, and at all those establishments which control their lives.

And, while the anger on the national scene makes the news and is most noticeable  – – that same anger is obvious right here in Thurston County.

Government is too intrusive and too pervasive in our lives.   I saw that anger this week when Gary Edwards kicked off his campaign for Thurston County commissioner.   The most obvious anger of south county residents is in the gopher regulations set down by the current commission.   Property owners felt left out of the process, burdened by the requirements and angry over their lack of control of their own property.   All to save a rodent that the government had been trying to eliminate just a few short years ago, according to Edwards.

The gopher issue is just the most visible.   Other issues which show government’s over-reaching includes the plastic bag ban, the proposed fees on septic tank systems and the perceive lack of concern for jobs – – shown by recent lawsuits which the county has lost – – and will lose, according to Edwards.

Two years ago, voters threw out an incumbent county commissioner and elected a relative new comer to that job.   This time around, Edwards is a known commodity – – and is giving voice to the anger of property owners, taxpayers, and south county residents.

Anger in America is found in the roots right here in Thurston County.

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