Lacey history this week 1977

March 7th, 2016 by Ken

The city’s largest and newest well has been shut down due to user complaints about the high iron content.   The well is located off Pacific Avenue behind the Lacey Fire Station.   (Now on Lacey street near the Lacey Museum.)

The city had opened the well in November and was pumping 2,100 gallons per minute.    The city has 14 wells serving 16,000 customers.

City engineer Don Hertzog said that people had been complaining about the quality of the water and were bringing in clothes stained with brown spots.

The city hopes to solve the problem in the near future and re-open the well.

(Editors note:   The well was permanently closed because of cleaning fluid left from a nearby cleaning establishment. It was placed on the federal Super Fund list.   Cleaning of the well is still on-going.)


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