An exercise in understanding

February 26th, 2016 by Ken

What many thought would be a public lynching of Lacey Councilmember Jason Hearn for anti-Muslim remarks he had made on his facebook page – – turned out to be a demonstration of peace, compassion and calls for understanding.

Some 60 people – – about half of them believers of Islam, were on hand when the meeting started last night.   Many of the rest were groups organized by local Christian churches.

One after another, the local Muslim community came to the podium and talked about their experiences as a Muslim.   They talked about their backgrounds, their involvement in the Lacey community and how much they loved America.   They quoted President Obama, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., President Kennedy, and even the Pledge of Allegiance in making their case for understanding.

It was a very moving testimony of faith and patriotism.

The non-Muslims weren’t so kind.   Several of them chastised Hearn for his comments and called upon the City Council to reprimand him.   Some called for his resignation.

Hearn made no public comments.

What steps he and the council will take remains uncertain.

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