What makes us look old?

February 19th, 2016 by Ken

I’m as vain as the next person.   I think I look pretty good.   But, recently I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror – – then I stopped to look some more.

I look pretty good for a 73 year-old.

I’ve seen a lot of old people lately and I can tell you – – most of them look their age.   I don’t care if it 60, or 70, or 80 – – they all looked their age.

Some of them looked far older than their actual years.   And, I’ve noticed that many of them are over-weight – – bent over – – hobbling around or using a motorized cart – – and moving so slowly that they never seem to get where they want to go.

I’ll grant you, that some of these old people caught the wrong end of the genetics stick – and some of them look old because they were hit with injuries or illness.

But, many of them look old because they abused their bodies.  That’s true for athletes – – particularly football players.   In their 40’s and 50’s, many of them move like they’re in their 80’s.

While most of the really old looking ones are over-weight – -some just plain fat – – the real skinny ones looked like they were ready to die any minute.   These are the vegetarians – – who were sold a bill of goods – – regarding the eating of meats and fats.   All vegetarians look old before their years.

And, here I was, a strapping 73 year-old, looking all of 50 – – well maybe 60.

I never played outdoor sports as a kid.   I concentrated on poker, ping pong and pool – – all indoor sports.   I stayed out of the sun.   I didn’t injure any part of my body by playing organized sports.

I also eat meat.   The more fat on it, the better it tastes.    I still eat red meat – – broiled and barbequed, until the fat has been turned into black ambrosia.

As a young man, I drank, smoked and tried in every possible way to put substances in my body that many now find revolting.

Still, I came out of it on the other end fairly good.   I can thank good genetics.   I come from a skinny family.   I’ve always been skinny. Up until recently that is.   I’ve started to put on an old man’s gut – but it isn’t obscene.

My advice to any who still has time.  Don’t worry about the rules.   Eat what you want, stay inside and play video games – – and hope you have good genetics.

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