Inslee should be in trouble

February 9th, 2016 by Ken

Washington Governor Jay Inslee should be in trouble in his re-election bid.   With three of his major state agencies without an appointed leader, and with legislative anger over the Department of Transportation’s handling of toll roads, our governor should be worried about his job.

But he’s not.

Inslee has no Democratic opposition in his effort to seek re-election.   In a way, he’s like Hillary Clinton.   It was anticipated that he would be an easy shoo-in –  that no Democrat had the verve to challenge him.

On the Republican side, his only major opponent is Seattle Port Commissioner Bill Bryant, who has been running to fill the governor’s seat for the last three years.   Bryant is hard-working and qualified as any other, but he hasn’t yet struck a Republican nerve.

Inslee has shown an inability to lead.   He has shaken up his personal staff several times in three years and leadership in his office is wanting.   He has focused his attention on international issues such as global warming, while leaving state issues, like problems at Western State, unsolved.   He has bowed at the seat of the teacher’s union and been blinded by their constant cry for more money.

Yet, this state is so far to the left that even an incompetent governor can skate by with no criticism from his own party and nothing but pitiful cries on the part of the Republicans.

Inslee should be in trouble.   Where are those willing to take him on?

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