All politics is local

February 2nd, 2016 by Ken

With the filing deadline approaching for public office, perhaps as many as a dozen local residents are considering dipping their toes into the political process.

While national presidential politics make the news – – it’s the local people who make the laws that most impact us.   And, its the local people who will cast the ballots.   Here in Washington state we may not have much impact on who the presidential nominees will eventually be – – but we do have a great deal of say on who will make the laws that most concerns us.

All three legislative seats in the 22nd district will have new people and two county commission seats.   That’s a significant amount of new blood.

I want to remind all of those running for county commissioner that local government exists to provide three basic needs  – – public safety, public health and transportation.  The candidate that can best articulate a position on those three issues – will win.

I also want to remind those running for state legislative seats in the 22nd, that local issues still dominate – and while Democrats make up 71 percent of voters in the district, don’t neglect those who think differently than you do.

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