Guest editorial: Why is The Donald so popular?

January 2nd, 2016 by Ken

(Editors note:  Occasionally we allow guest editorials and comments.  This is one.)

By Dale Cooper

Why is Donald Trump so popular?

Take a look at him.  He looks like a cross between Rocky Marciano and Gorgeous George.  He’s a pugilist, a fighter – – and he’s fearless.  You better respect him and give him his due – – or else.

He’s a New York City street fighter, an American original.  He’s The Man – – The Donald.

But.that’s not what makes him so wildly popular – – it’s the bunch he’s fighting.  Those characters who’ve lost our trust and respect over the last few decades.   Like members of Congress, the President, Supreme Court Justices, journalists, political pundits, party bosses, bureaucrats, campaign hacks, special interest groups, lobbyists and the geriatric media (formerly known as the mainstream media.)

And, so far, he’s beating them all.

The political class has lambasted The Donald month after month condemning him to oblivion and purgatory for defying custom, convention and political correctness.  But, in spite of their howls of  condemnation, he continues to desecrate the political orthodoxies, step on political third rails and politically correct red lines.

It’s as if he isn’t even listening to them.

And his penalty for ignoring that self-serving, greedy political class?   Nothing – – because most of us watching him from the cheap seats instinctively know that his opponents have grown dangerously “too big to fail”.   So we’re with him and we’re rooting for him.

Whether or not you agree with him or rail against him, you’ve got to admit it’s high time someone took that bunch on and exposed their debauched “inside the beltway game” – – and who better than that brash, egotistical srteet fighter from New York City – the guy that doesn’t have to feed on their hush money to run for high office.

And, that’s why he’s so popular.   He’s fighting our fight — and God knows we need someone to take them on.

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