2015 Dubious Distinction Awards – Act 3

January 1st, 2016 by Ken

We’ve found many more people and events during the last year which deserve a Dubious Distinction award.

I’ll travel the world for you award to Olympia Mayor Steve Buxbaum who was so concerned for the health and welfare of his constituents that he traveled all the way to Paris (on his own dime I’m sure) to participate in global climate change discussions.

Still smarting award to Seattle Seahawks fans who continue to be  in disbelief that their team didn’t win their second Super Bowl.

It’s about time award to the Lacey City Council which finally made some changes to the city’s onerous sign ordinance  after decades of complaint by local merchants.

Where did the election go award to the group pushing a freeholders election to draft a new county charter.   Haven’t heard from them since one of their leaders decided to run for Thurston County commissioner.

Two birds with one stone award to South Puget Sound Community College and its opening of its new Lacey campus on Sixth Avenue.  Not only is the new campus readily accessible to students through the transit system but it also helped to make Lacey’s Woodland District more attractive to investors.

It wasn’t about the money award to the Lacey City Council which decided not to privately fund a city wide election on the plastic bag ban.  It was more about the lack of a process for accepting private money.

College free speech thrives award to The Evergreen State College which had as its commencement speaker noted socialist Kshama Sawant  a member of the Seattle City Council.   Her appearance didn’t draw a single protest.   Looks like free speech is the order of the day at America’s colleges.

Big Windfall award goes to all of those customers of Puget Sound Energy who will see their rates for electricity and natural gas fall because of the lower prices PSE pays for oil and natural gas.  The average customer will be able to buy half a latte with the $2 annual family savings.

Short time big impact award to Raj Manhas  superintendent of North Thurston Public Schools, who in his relatively short time at the helm of the county’s largest school district has had a major impact on student achievement and public support of district facilities.


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